How it works, the SOIL PRO™ dual rotor shredder

The lower hammermill spins at high speed. The upper rotor (star wheel) rotates at slow speed. The hammers of the lower hammermill rotor pass between the spaces of the upper rotor stars. The lower rotor hammers hit the feed material and slam it against the upper rotor with such force that they pulverize, blast, shatter, shred, shear, tear, rip and otherwise destroy the feed material. The Soil Pro™ dual rotor design is very efficient and will make pulverized product out of even moist infeed materials. The power of the Soil Pro™ dual rotor shredding  is tremendous — capable of handling dirt, soils, compost, even light rock, asphalt and other difficult materials with ease, and the through-put capacity is very high. The feed rate of infeed material can be substantially higher than other machines. And the efficiency of the grind will be 95-98% The amount of reject or or oversize material will be very minimal. The finished product will be pulverized to a well ground product.

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